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About Us


About Us

About Us


Our writers can be found around the globe.

Our professional writers and editors around the globe specialize in localization and transcreation of copy in over 30 languages. Metadata creation and management, consulting services and content strategy help brands optimize the online buyer journey.

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The Team

102 of them have released an album as a solo artist or in a band.

6 Sit on editorial boards of International film festivals.

33 have been published through a major book publisher.

279 of them have masters degrees.

630 of them can speak more than 3 languages.

87 of them think Blade Runner is the best movie ever made.




Our Founder


With his fascinating array of professional experiences, founder Paul Parreira is the driving force behind Co. Cue. Formerly the editor-in-chief of Muze for a decade, he brings to the table rich editorial expertise and exhaustive industry knowledge. Paul’s deep understanding of the digital music world and background managing writing teams across the globe serve as the foundation on which Co. Cue was built.

Over the years Paul has personally vetted every content contributor, organically amassing an impressive network through his extensive Rolodex and connections in the entertainment and music industries. Along with leading Co. Cue, the New Yorker is also a restaurateur, deejay and champion of indie fashion designers.