Content Creation Project

Bandier is an Athleisure retailer, founded by music industry veteran Jennifer Bandier. It is the go-to brick and mortar destination for fashionable fitness wear. Curating selections from emerging labels from around the world that account for 40% of Bandier’s overall business, the retailer also stocks exclusives and limited edition products from brands such as Nike, Reebok, Under Armour and Adidas . Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Liv Tyler are fans, as well as the most notable influencers who regularly sport spandex woven threads from Bandier. 

Their Challenge

Bandier wanted to create their brand’s first digital flagship. They needed website copy to be created that would encourage their dedicated fans to shop, read and share content across devices - tone of voice is critical to the brand. 

Our Solution

Our editorial staff created created all content for the launch of the website, from social content to all magazine posts and playlists.