Content Creation

Equiem is the leading community management and engagement SaaS platform for real estate, providing online, offline and onsite engagement for some of the most prestigious buildings in the world.

Through deeper engagement with customers, a smart technology platform and a curated services experience, they aim to breathe life into buildings and help create places tenants never want to leave.


Equiem needed original content for locals who live and work in their properties around the world, to be accessed via their custom building portals. They were in search of editorial resources who could create hyper-local content with quality journalistic style and timeliness that appealed to their tenant demographic.


We gathered a team of local experts to create real-time, highly contextual content that would appeal to the residents and tenants of Equiem's properties and be appropriate to the type of building (residential, commercial or both). The pieces created to date include event listings, restaurant reviews and recommendations for shops throughout New York City. We operate as an extension of the Equiem team to ensure they're able to present engaging and informative content on their portals on a daily basis.

Our coverage will soon expand into Equiem's existing properties in the United Kingdom and Australia as well as new clients.

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Joseph Stokes

Equiem COO

“We need to provide professionally written content in local language that engages the community and provides them with real value to keep them coming back to the platform."
"Company Cue immediately understood our need and provided a bespoke content solution to compliment the role of Equiem's Community Manager, who provides hyper local information such as restaurant recommendations or local events within walking distance of the buildings, through to city wide events or nationally relevant events such as public holidays or celebrations.
It was critical for us to have an authentic voice with expert knowledge, Company Cue are set up to deliver this at a quality that is hard to find.”