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Our Services


Our Services

Our Services


We enable our customers to speak like a local anywhere in the world.

Co. Cue delivers consistent and culturally nuanced marketing messages to the discerning lifestyle consumer through a comprehensive collection of services. High-level editorial content creation and product copywriting ensure clear communication between the brand and consumer. Professional writers and editors around the globe specialize in localization and transcreation of copy in 32 languages. Metadata creation and management, consulting services and content strategy help brands optimize the online buyer journey. To learn more about Co. Cue's services, contact us


Content Marketing + Editorial Content

Providing top of funnel editorial pieces and blog posts in order to engage the passive consumer and support content marketing efforts.


Metadata Creation + Management

Building and improving platform metadata to surface content and enable algorithms, while optimizing search functionality, personalization, ratings and product recommendations.


Product Copywriting

Crafting seamless, high-quality copy for e-commerce, including product descriptions and reviews, music playlists, app bundles, curated product lists, alerts, categorizations, keywords and product names.


Localization + Transcreation

Delivering unique, culturally nuanced translations of content and adaptations to local markets across 30 languages by a global network of experts.



Managing and populating content into client CMS’s and social media channels; coaching on workflow efficiency and content strategy.