Content Development

Most companies want to reach as broad an audience as possible, but Equiem has chosen a different path: their target demographic works and lives in specific buildings in New York City. Working in with major Manhattan real estate players like Vornado apartnership nd Adams & Co., Equiem creates in-building online portals for both employees of business tenants and residents of buildings. Cue provides articles for those portals, written from an insider's perspective that offers useful information on food, work life, health and entertainment.

Along with such site-specific info—curated by writers and editors who live and work in these neighborhoods themselves—Co. Cue helps Equiem users keep up to date with the latest in workplace trends, health and wellness tips, and events in the city they won't want to miss. Because if city life is just about work, you're not doing it right. Cue works with a large, wide-ranging stable of writers from around the globe—many of whom we have professional relationships with stretching back years—so we have inside knowledge of your location, which we can draw on to help with your own needs.