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Content in Context

We believe that authentic and relevant marketing copy is critical if you want to be taken seriously. More than a word-for-word translation, our boutique approach ensures that your global marketing voice is in sync with local language standards that target the right demographic or brand loyalist.


We provide unique, culturally nuanced copy translations adapted to local markets by native bilingual writers, editors, curators and metadata experts. With a deep focus on voice and style, we follow a strict multi-step editing process, involving an editor, copy editor, and fact-checker dedicating as much time as you need to create quality copy created to your specs.

Content Marketing

We create original content, such as blog posts, ad copy and white papers to increase brand awareness. By supplying the right copy at the right time, we support omni-channel marketing activity. Our writers are subject experts and culturally savvy because they are based in the markets they cover.

Metadata Management

We build and improve platform metadata to surface content and enable algorithms, which optimizes search functionality, personalization, ratings, and recommendations. We often work on taxonomy specs, SEO standards, keywords, and content management tools to help improve search and discovery.

Product Copywriting

In addition to original content and copy translations, we craft seamless, high quality copy for e-commerce, including product descriptions, lists, bundles, alerts, genres, keywords and categories. With a global team of subject specialists, we offer clear, detailed descriptions to support product launches, ad campaigns, and customer relations communication.