Copy & Metadata

The name that revolutionized the music industry is now owned by Rhapsody International and remains a major player in music streaming, especially in Europe. Co. Cue has worked closely with Napster in more than a dozen EU territories, creating new online content and playlists in multiple languages.

Our music experts know which artists are trending and who's about to break, and our playlists reflect that local knowledge. For example, here's what Cue is doing with Napster in France:

  • Creating posts and playlists for French Napster users, which our curators upload directly into Napster's CMS
  • Our local editors select the new release tracks and provide the feature copy.
  • Pitch and then create new features based on what's trending: hot music genres, awards, seasonal topics, local events, and more.
  • Weekly playlist updates: We maintain and update several 100-track playlists based on themes suggested by the client: workout music, love songs, seasonal favorites, and favorite genres like hip-hop.