Wixson Paris

Copy Translation 

Wixson Paris is a boutique retailer specializing in luxury lingerie and loungewear, by which we mean high-end garments for the couture set. When they entered the English-speaking market in 2017, we provided the online copy, both translating their existing French-language website and writing new copy in their house style.

Reverse translation provides a different set of challenges, particularly when it comes to idiomatic phrases. In particular, it was crucial that we capture the uniquely poetic tone of the brand, which is subtly evocative of style and luxury, but in an oblique and playful fashion.

The copy is witty without being cute, a balance that only the most experienced translators and copywriters can strike. Working directly with founder Sasha Wixson, our staff developed and expanded a house style that elegantly brought the feel of Wixson Paris from French into English.